Sustainability (vegan)

With Fish Peas retailer is empowering sustainable lifestyles amongst the consumers! Fish Peas is a sustainable product due to its low impact on climate and environment. An excellent vegan product with low impact on climate in contrary to soy products.


Yellow pea is a plant-based foods with a high nutritional quality similar to vegetables, wholegrain cereal products, nuts and vegetable oils. The use of various protein sources could be useful for avoiding a monochromatic nutrition in vegetarians, widely based on soy.


Lesser amount of energy is required to grow and process yellow pea isolate. Growing yellow pea has a lower impact on the land use than other plant based cultures like soy. Long shelf time helps to avoid food waste. Recycled and recyclable packaging & no modern slavery!


Changes in the way we live, eat and consume are necessary to slow down global warming and climate change. By choosing plant-based food (and pea in particular) you contribute to more sustainable diet/lifestyle because
yellow pea is the most sustainable plant protein based on carbon footprint estimations.